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July 31st, 1970

Friday, July 31st, 1970

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi


Friday, July 31, 1970

San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 70-07-31


… [laughter].  What he—she meant is if you stand up, you know, with painful legs or sleeping legs, you will [laughs]—it will be dan- [partial word]—dangerous [laughs, laughter].  That is why she said so—so, you know.  I think that is very important, you know, and even though you feel your legs, okay.  But it is better to make it—make them sure [laughs], rubbing, you know, your knee.


Student A:  I thought what she was saying was that once we stood up, we were supposed to stand there without—before we started walking.


Suzuki-rōshi:  Excuse me, I don’t—


Student A:  I thought that, you know—


Suzuki-rōshi:  —I don’t know what she said, you know, so it is difficult [laughter].


Student A:  I just won’t move [laughing] until the person in front of me leaves.


Suzuki-rōshi:  When you make kinhin, you know, walk, you know, so that you give them—  You know, if you walk too slowly or if you have too much, you know, distance, between you and someone ahead of you, that will make other person difficult to walk, so you should be careful, you know, abo- [partial word]—about distance between you and a person ahead of you.  So keep certain, you know, distance.  And if, you know, someone like me, you know, walk—naturally I walk slowly, you know.  That will give others some difficulties.  And as I walk very slowly, we—I will have big distance from [laughs] a person who is walking ahead of me.