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August 24th, 1967 Shosan

Thursday, August 24th, 1967



August 24, 1967


INTRODUCTION:  [Opening sentences missed.]

… teaching of Dōgen-zenji.  The main point of practice is to listen to your teacher and to practice zazen.  We have you practice zazen and study the Prajna Paramita Sutra. If someone ask me:  What is Prajna Paramita?  I will answer:  practice of zazen.  If someone ask again:  What is the practice of zazen?  I will answer:  To open Buddha’s eating bowl and to take bath in evening.  If someone who understands what I said right now, come and express your way to me in the form of question and answer.

Question 1 (Dick): For the Big Mind, the bridge flows.  If everything has such independence, how can we find our own responsibility?

Roshi: Your responsibility is under your own feet.

Dick: Thank you very much.

Roshi: [LOUD]  Ehhhhhh!  What is that?  What is that is the question and at the same time the answer.  That is what.