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January 11th, 1970

Sunday, January 11th, 1970

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

ORDINATION CEREMONY:  Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley

Sunday, January 11, 1970

San Francisco

 Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 70-01-11


We have ordination ceremony for Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley after this lecture—immediately after this lecture.  I wanted to talk about ordination ceremony, but I think it is pretty difficult to explain it, you know, because even—because you have no idea of, you know, Buddhist priesthood.  And what you have in your mind is priest in America, you know, so [laughs] I have no word to communicate.


[Hum on tape for several minutes.  Then Suzuki-rōshi resumes.]


… inanimate and animate beings.  So everything has its own position in Buddha’s—in Budd- [partial word]—as a Buddhist.  That is fundamental teaching of Buddhism, and that is the structure of the teaching.


So we cannot say “priest is highest.”  Or “animal is lowest.”  Tentatively, as we are, you know, human being, or as we are teacher or disciples, but we are all friends of—of Buddhist.  We are all Buddhist.  Tentatively, we take some responsibility to express Buddha’s teaching.  But each one of us—because each one of us has one’s own position and responsibility.  So the value of each one is the same.  That is fundamental, you know, structure of sangha.