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July 29 1965

Thursday, July 29th, 1965

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi


Thursday Morning, July 29, 1965

Lecture A

Soko-ji Temple, San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 65-07-29

Tape operator: Nine o’clock instruction, Thursday morning.

Suzuki-rōshi: Purpose of practice is to have direct experience of buddha-nature.  That is purpose of our practice.  So whatever you do, it is—it should be the direct experience of buddha-nature.

We say—in fifth precept we say, “Don’t—don’t—don’t be attached”—not “attached,” but—”don’t be—don’t violate even the precepts which is not here.”  [Laughs.]  It is rather difficult to understand.  In—in Japanese it is not so difficult, but in English it is rather difficult to understand.  It means, anyway—we say when you sit, you say I have something—something occurred in your mind which is not so good.  Some image come.  Something covered your wisdom or buddha-nature.  When you say so, you have the idea of clearness, you know, because you have—you think you have to clear up your mind from all images; you have to keep your mind clear from various images which will come to you, or which you have already—you have—which you have already should be cleared up.  This—so far you understand it, but Dōgen-zenji says:

Don’t—don’t even try to clear up your mind, even though you have something here.  Don’t want to be pure.  If you want to be pure, it means you have attached in—to pureness—purity.  That is also not so good.  Don’t attach to purity or impurity.