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July 29 1965 2nd Talk

Thursday, July 29th, 1965


Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi


Thursday, July 29, 1965

Lecture B

Soko-ji Temple, San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 65-07-29 2nd Talk

[Are there any][1] questions so far I talked?

Student A: Why—why do we put our hands like this?  And then—is—is that the best—is that—why?  [Laughter.]

Suzuki-rōshi: This is called “cosmic mudrā.”

Student A: Called what?

Suzuki-rōshi: Cosmic mudrā. One of the mudrā—Buddha’s mudrā. There are many and many mudrās.  This is good question, I think.  Have you some other question?  I will, you know—I will talk about it.

Student B: Once you know buddha-nature—does it—does it—do you always know it, or do you, like, you can forget you have it and have to remember it—that you have buddha-nature?

Suzuki-rōshi: You do not, you know, understand what I said exactly.  Yeah, I will explain it just now—then [?].  Some other question?