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December 2 1965

Thursday, December 2nd, 1965

Suzuki-roshi bowing (outdoor ceremony)

Suzuki-roshi bowing (outdoor ceremony)

December 2, 1965

Rev. S. Suzuki

Thursday morning lecture

(After demonstration of Buddhist bow)  To bow is very important—one of the important practice.  By bow we can eliminate our selfish, self-centered idea.  My teacher had hard skin on his forehead because he bowed and bowed and bowed so many times and he knew that he was very obstinate, stubborn fellow, so he bowed and bowed and bowed and he always heard his master’s scolding voice.  That is why he bowed.  And he joined our order when he was thirty.  For Japanese priest to join the order at the age of thirty is not early.  So his master always called him ‘You lately-joined fellow’.  He said, …… ‘[Japanese phrase missing in transcript]’….  It means priest who joined our order when he is old.  When we join order when we are young we have little….it is easy to get rid of our selfishness.  But when we have very stubborn, selfish idea it is rather hard to get rid of it.  So he was always scolded because he joined our order so late.  To scold does not mean slight people, or it does not mean to…actually his teacher was not actually scolding him.  His master loved him very much because of his stubborn character.