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December 9 1965

Thursday, December 9th, 1965

December 9, 1965

Rev. S. Suzuki

Thursday morning lecture

Here we recite the sutra just once but in Zen Center we recite three times.  The first one is for direct disciples of Buddha.  We call them arhat.  Arhat means the disciples who completed their way.  Arhat.  But Mahayana Buddhists called them Hinayana which means small vehicle.  Small vehicle means Hinayana.  They called themselves great vehicle while direct disciples of Buddha was called Hinayana or small vehicle.  That is not so fair but actually they called themselves great and called other Buddhists small vehicle.  But in Soto way we respect the direct disciples.  So first of all we recite the sutra for the Hinayana Buddhists.  This is one of the characteristics of Soto way.  And our way is not Hinayana or Mahayana.  Our way is Buddha’s way – not small vehicle or great vehicle.  There’s no vehicle in Buddha’s way.  Our way is not only Buddha’s way, but also it is, maybe, we, human beings way.  So before Buddha we count seven Buddhas.  Buddha is the seventh one.  Buddha is not the first one.  But this is another characteristic of our way.  So teachers of Buddha is also…we should respect them, but….so Dogen Zenji did not like to call Zen…to call themselves Zen.  He says, “We are just disciples of Buddha”.  So some people say Soto zen….zen which transcend zen is Soto zen.