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August 14th, 1967

Monday, August 14th, 1967

Suzuki-roshi with students at Tassajara

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Monday, August 14, 1967

San Francisco [?]

Our study will be concentrated for a while on the statement:  “The mind itself is Buddha.”[1] It is pretty difficult to study, to listen to our lectures or our teachings.  Usually when you study something, and even when you are listening to our lecture, I think that what you understand will be an echo of yourself.  You think you are listening to me, but actually you are listening to yourself, so no progress will result.  You always understand our lecture in your own way.  Your understanding is always based on your way of thinking.  So I think that you hear my voice and see my face, but actually you see yourself, and what you hear is nothing but an echo of yourself.

My study was like that for a long time.  I think this is often the case when we study Buddhism.  If you want to study Bud­dhism, you have to clear your mind.  You should not have any prejudice.  You should forget all you have learned before.


July 1, 1966

Friday, July 1st, 1966

Suzuki-roshi at Tassajara

Rev. S. Suzuki lecture

July 1966

In the last paragraph of Ashishoji (sp ?)…Ashishoji (sp?) is one of our scriptures compiled in (blank) period by various zen masters out of Shobogenzo.  In this last part of this Shobogenzo Dogen says, “This mind itself is the Buddha.  By awakening to a thorough understanding of this mind you will truly show your gratitude to the Buddha”, he says, “and you should carefully think about who is the Buddha which is the mind itself.”  That is the last…that is the statement which is in the last part of Ashishoji (sp?).  This statement is a quotation from Shobogenzo and there is…in Shobogenzo there is the fascicle called…titled SokuShinZeButsu. Sokushin is ‘the mind itself, the Buddha’.  Shkushinzebutsu, the fascicle six.  And this is very important fascicle in Shobogenzo and very famous one.  So let me explain what he meant by ‘mind itself, Buddha’.  I will interpret the original text literally.