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December 6th, 1967

Wednesday, December 6th, 1967

Suzuki-roshi conducting a Precepts ceremony in the Buddha hall at City Center

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Afternoon Sesshin Lecture

Wednesday, December 6, 1967


Lecture A

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 67-12-06

The mind which [we] will acquire or obtain by our pure practice is, as I said, something which is not graspable—which is beyond our words.  But at the same time, the mind will respond to everything.  So positively speaking, our mind is like a mirror which reflects various object on it.  But when there is no—no object, the mirror is something which you cannot even see.  This is the mind we will obtain by our pure practice.

This afternoon I want to make the relationship between our big mind and everyday activity.  In everyday life, how the big mind reveal itself will be the point I will talk [about] right now—or the function of—you may say the function of the great mind.

Dōgen-zenji explained this mind in his Tenzo Kyōkun.[1] Tenzo Kyōkun is the instruction for the monks who works in the kitchen.  Those who work in the kitchen must have this mind.  And work in the kitchen is the extended practice of zazen, or their way should be—their way working in the kitchen should be based on our pure practice or big mind.  Especially [for] those who work in kitchen, it is necessary to have big mind because they will have various difficulties.