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March 26th, 1967

Sunday, March 26th, 1967

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Sunday, March 26, 1967

(This is the only information available on notes)

To transmit the Buddha-mind is to transmit our practice. There is then no small mind or small self. Our small self is included in our big self (or Big Mind). When small mind feels it is big mind (I think we are then troubled by its assertiveness (?)). When the small mind finds its correct place in our big mind, then there is peace-everything is our large mind. “Transmission” of this big mind occurs with no loss “of even a speck of dust” by the master, and no gain “of even a thread” by the now awakened disciple. This is because everyone is already within his big self.

It is very important in our practice to find our place within this practice. When everyone and everything has thus found its right home, we call it Nirvana or Tathāgata’s Way. But our own practice area is as wide as the universe, and until we find our own place in the universe, we have not yet arrived. (Suzuki’s explanation of this was a person finding his place in his family, in society, and the family’s place in society, and in the world, and society’s in the world).