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August 12th, 1969

Tuesday, August 12th, 1969

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Tuesday, August 12, 1969

San Francisco

 Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 69-08-12 part 1

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 69-08-12 part 2

[I did not][1]  prepare for tonight lecture anything.  So I want you to ask some questions, and I will answer for the question, as I have nothing in my mind right now.  Hai.


Student A:  Of the two types of meditation, the counting and the shikantaza—the counting—do you think that has more to do with ego purification?


Suzuki-rōshi:  The counting—if you—it looks like different from—counting-breathing practice looks like different from the shikantaza.  But actually, if you, you know, practice it, [there is] not much difference.  Because purpose of counting-breathing practice is not, you know, to count.  No, it is quite easy to count your breathing, you know, if you try to count, just count.


Why it is difficult is—you have to—you have to have right posture, and you have to make—and all parts of your body should participate in the practice of counting breathing.  And your mind should follow the counting, and your arm, and mudrā, and legs, and spines, and, you know, muscles should join—participate [in] the counting-breathing practice.  And it is more than concentration to—it is more than to be concentrated on your counting.  Concentration usually means mental practice, you know, but counting-breathing practice is not just a mental practice but also physical practice too.  Then not much difference between shikantaza and counting-breathing practice.


Shikantaza means to practice zazen with your whole body and mind—that is shikantaza.  So maybe after you—you can practice counting-breathing practice pretty well, you can practice following-breathing practice—to just, you know, follow your breathing without counting.  Your mind is always in—on breathing, and your physical practice is participate [in] the breathing.  That is to follow the breathing.  And shikantaza, you know, is more than that.  You don’t even try to follow your breathing.  Maybe you can say more advanced practice.  Hai.


January 13, 1966

Thursday, January 13th, 1966

Suzuki-roshi on his way to the US

Suzuki-roshi on his way to the US

January 13, 1966

Rev. S. Suzuki

Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand for you because Buddhism is not monotheism or pantheism.  This is….Buddhism is something different from your understanding of religion.  It may be better to consider…to accept Buddhism something quite different from your understanding.  It looks like pantheism, but in Buddhism also there is several ways of believing in our life….