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March 15th, 1969

Saturday, March 15th, 1969

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Saturday, March 15, 1969

San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 69-03-15

In your zazen, perhaps you will have many difficulties or problems.  But when you have some problem, it is necessary for you to find out—try to find out by yourself why you have problem.  Before you ask someone, it is necessary for you to try to find out why.

Usually your way of study is to master it as soon as possible and by some best way.  So before you think you may ask someone why you have some problem.  But that kind of way may be very good for your usual life, but if you want to study Zen, it doesn’t help so much.

You should always try to find out what really mean by “buddha-nature” or by “practice” or by “enlightenment.”  In this way, you will have a more subtle attitude towards everything until you understand things as it is.

If you are told something by someone, naturally you will stick to something you experienced or you understand—you understood.  The moment you think you understand something, you will stick to it.  And you will lose the full function of your nature.

So when you are seeking for something, your true nature is in full activity, as if you are, you know—when you—even know what are you seeking for—like someone who is in the dark seeking for his own pillow because he lost it.  In the dark—so you don’t see anything but you’re seeking for the pillow you lost.  At that time, your mind is in full function.  So—but if you know where the pillow is, you know, your mind is not in full function.  Your mind is acting in limited sense, you know.