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April 26th, 1967

Wednesday, April 26th, 1967

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

April 26, 1967

[Suzuki read from a letter to him by an American student.  The writer mentioned her mind is “like a babbling monkey” and asked, “What should I do while sitting?”]

This question cannot be answered directly. But anyway, your Buddha Nature exists whether you do zazen or not. Anything you do is an expression of your Buddha Nature, not someone else’s or a demon’s, etc. this is so whether you realize it or not.

However, though anything you do is your own true nature, you misunderstand the occurrence. The purpose of zazen is to correct this misunderstanding. Such misunderstanding includes judging one self as being angry or kind, etc.  Actually, it is not so. We practice zazen so as to learn to accept our true nature as it really is, e.g., to be able to accept without putting labels (e.g. anger) to it.

Dogen said, in our true nature there is no reason to practice zazen. But when even a hair of delusion exists, the gap between true and misunderstanding is as between heaven and earth.

Mind and Body are two misunderstanding of the same nature.