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July 1st, 1969

Tuesday, July 1st, 1969

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Tuesday, July 1, 1969


Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 69-07-01

[the audio only includes half of the lecture – I will look into finding the rest of this talk – Korin 8/5/2011]

It is rather difficult for us to figure out why we started to practice zazen.  It is rather difficult, and I think it may be same for you.  But the more you think why you started zazen practice, the more you will find out how deep it is—the meaning you started zazen practice.  And once you start our practice, even though your determination is not so strong, or you don’t feel your determination is not so strong, but you will find out how strong the determination has been.


It is rather difficult, you know.  You think—when you are here, you think sometimes or, you know, once in a while it may be better to give up [laughs].  But actually to give up our study or practice is not so easy.  But you have some, you know—when you—your determination—you think your determination is not so strong—when you think in that way, your—you will not make much—much progress.  So anyway once you study—start to study zazen, it’s better for you to have strong, you know, determination not to give up our study or our practice.  That is why we Sōtō students put emphasis on way-seeking mind or determination to practice our way forever.  And trust in our true nature, who—which is always seeking for our true nature.  You know, we say, “True nature is seeking for true nature.”  You know, true—because we have true nature, so naturally we seek for [it].  It is quite natural for us to seek for true nature.  So, “Buddha seek for buddha,” we say.


Anyway, you know, even though—once you study—start to practice zazen, even though you stop it, or you leave Tassajara, or Zen Center, I am sure you will come back [laughs, laughter].  I am quite sure about that.  But it is rather, you know, waste of time.  So once you st- [partial word]—anyway, you are caught [laughs, laughter] by buddha-nature which you have, you know.  So it is better to continue it until you have complete freedom even from sitting zazen.  That is much better.