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September 1st, 1967

Friday, September 1st, 1967

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

September 1967

Zen Mountain Center


Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 67-09-00 part 1

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 67-09-00 part 2

Student: Please come up front if you’d like.

Suzuki-rōshi: Yeah, please come nearer.

Student: Those in the back come up to the front, please.

Suzuki-rōshi: Tonight my talk will be quite informal.  You are, of course, interested in Zen.  But Zen is also Buddhism, you know.  So it is necessary for you to understand Buddhism in general.  Although it will not help you—my talk will not help you immediately, but it is necessary for you to have some understanding of original teaching of Buddha, and, at the same time, various understanding of original teaching of Buddha or else, I am afraid, you will miss the point.

Tonight I want to talk about the three-fold body of Buddha.  The other day, Bishop Sumi[1] explained about what is the various understanding of Buddha, like historical Buddha, buddha as a—as the truth, and buddha as a teaching or dharma.  This concept originated from, of course, historical Buddha, who is so great.  And he was so great that Hīnayāna Buddhism—Buddhist or [are?] direct disciple of Buddha, had a kind of supernatural nature of form—some—some supernatural being—idea of supernatural being like Buddha who had the 32 marks[2] or eighty holy figures.  Those concept already—already formed some Buddha as a embodiment of the truth—of Buddha who attained buddhahood after unusual practice.  So in Mahāyāna school—Hinayāna Buddhist had no such elaborate aspects of Buddha, but Mahāyāna Buddhist started—had the three aspects of Buddha.  And this three aspect forms a trinity, like three [pre-?] Buddhistic religion.