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August 5th, 1971

Thursday, August 5th, 1971
Suzuki-roshi with Anagarika Govinda

Suzuki-roshi with Anagarika Govinda

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Thursday, August 5, 1971

Zen Mountain Center

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If you want to practice in its true sense so that you may not regret what you have been doing, it is necessary for you to—to have good confidence in your practice.  This is very important, or else it is not possible for [you to] practice true way.  There may be many great teachers in various countries, but even though there are great teachers, if your way-seeking mind is not strong enough you cannot study.  Even though you meet him, you don’t know who he is.


Tonight I want to introduce the story between Bodhidharma and Butei in China.[1]   Bodhidharma went to—arrived at China [in] 520, according to traditional record, and he lived with the King of the Liang.  And he—the king, who was a great supporter of Buddhism, he built many temples, and he studied himself—by himself—you know, he studied Buddhism and a great teacher—daishi.[2]


He himself was already good scholar, and at the same time a great scholar—supporter of the Buddhism.  As soon as Bodhidharma arrived at China he visited the king.  And this is a very famous story, as you may know.