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December 23, 1965

Thursday, December 23rd, 1965

December 23, 1965

Rev. S. Suzuki

In our practice we have no special object of worship.  If so, our practice is something different from the usual practice.  If we say we have no purpose in our practice, you will not know what to do.  If there is no purpose, no goal, in our practice we don’t know what to do.  But there is way.  Joshu said, “Clay Buddha cannot cross water; bronze Buddha cannot get through furnace; wooden Buddha cannot get through fire because it will burn away.”  So whatever object you have, if your practice is directed toward some particular object, that practice will not work …like clay Buddha, bronze Buddha, or wooden Buddha.  So as long as we have some particular goal in our practice, our practice will not help you completely.  Your practice will help you as long as you are directed to the goal….it will help you….but when you resume to your everyday life it will not work.  Then, how to practice our practice without having any goal is to limit our activity, or to be concentrated on what we are doing at that moment.  Instead of having some particular object, we should have….we should limit our activity.  If you limit your activity to the extent you can do it just now, in this moment, then you can express fully the universal nature, the universal truth.  When you’re wandering about you cannot….you have no chance to express yourself, but when you are concentrated on some particular…when you limit yourself….when you limit your expression of the universal nature, then there we have the way to practice.  This is our way.