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January 4th, 1970

Sunday, January 4th, 1970

Suzuki-roshi with students at Tassajara

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi


Sunday, January 4, 1970

San Francisco

 Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 70-01-04


In our zazen practice, we stop our thinking and we must be free from our emotional activity too.  We don’t say there is no emotional activity, but we should be free from it.  We don’t say we have no thinking mind, but we should not be—our activity, our life activity should not be limited by our thinking mind.  In short, I think we can say [we trust ourselves completely, without thinking,][1]  without feeling anything, we—without discriminating good and bad, without saying right or wrong, we should trust our life activity.  Because we respect ourselves, because we trust completely, put faith in our life, we do not think, we do not discriminate, and we sit.  That is, you know, our practice.


Tentatively, this morning, my version of our practice is like this because I want to extend this kind of understanding to our everyday life.  Between —human relationship, for an instance, should be based on this kind of understanding.  If our love between us is not based on this kind of understanding, respect, and complete trust, we will not have completely peaceful life.


And relationship between ourselves and nature should be like this.  We should respect everything, especially something which we are related directly.  This morning when we were bowing, you know, in zendō, we heard big noise here, you know, because everyone fling chair [makes noise by moving a chair along the floor] like this, you know [laughs].  I thought this isn’t—may not be the way how we should treat chairs [laughs]—not only because it may cause disturbance to the people who are bowing in the zendō, but also fundamentally this will not be the way to—how we should treat things.