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January 20, 1966

Thursday, January 20th, 1966

January 20, 1966

Rev. S. Suzuki

Thursday lecture

The purpose of zazen is to attain the freedom of our being, physically and mentally.  According to Dogen Zenji…Dogen…every being…every existence is flashing into the vast phenomenal world, and each activity of the being…each existence is another understanding, or expression of the quality of the being.  I say many stars in the car when I’m in the car this morning….in my car this morning.  The stars I saw in the car was nothing but the light from the heavenly bodies which traveled many miles.  But for me all the stars are calm and steady and peaceful being…for me at least it is not so speedy being…it is just calm and serene existence.  So, we say, in calmness there should be activity…activity…in activity there should be calmness.  Calmness and activity is not different.  It is same thing.  It is different interpretation of one fact because in our activity there is harmony.  Where there is harmony there is calmness.  And this harmony make the sense of…quality of the being, but quality of the being is nothing but the systematic speedy activity of the being.  Because there is some harmony in the speedy activity there is some quality.