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August 4th, 1971

Wednesday, August 4th, 1971

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Wednesday Evening, August 4, 1971

Zen Mountain Center


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Tomorrow is the Bodhidharma’s Day.  We will have—we have special ceremony this evening, and tomorrow also we will have special ceremony for him.  As you know, he is the twenty-eighth patriarch from Buddha, [not] counting Buddha as the first, and he is twenty-eighth patriarch.  I should like to introduce how he became a successor of Hannyatara,[1]  the twenty-seventh patriarch, and then I want you [to] ask some questions.  I will briefly introduce you [3-8 words unclear] twenty-eighth patriarch.


Hannyatara-sonja,[2]  the twenty-seventh patriarch, asked Bodhidharma, “There are many things.”[3]  “Things” here means various things we see:  stones, or mountains, or rivers, or ocean—everything we see and everything we think about.  It include our various ideas we have.  Those are “things.”


“And what will be the thing which has no form—formless being—what will be the formless one?”  Bodhidharma said, Fuki musō.[4]   Fuki musō is rather difficult to [explain]—I must explain about it.  But it is a kind of technical term.  Fuki musō.  Fuki is no-, non-arising.  Musō is formless.