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July 17th, 1971

Saturday, July 17th, 1971


Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Saturday Morning, July 17, 1971

San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 71-07-17


[In my last lectures][1] … I explain about our precepts.  As you must have found out, “the precepts,” we say, but it is nothing so unusual—it is just about the things as they are and about what we are.  And that is precepts.  You may wonder why then is it necessary [laughs] to accept precepts.  But this is very important point.  I want you to understand.  It is very very common understanding which you can accept quite easily.


You know, what I say—what I said was there are three—the three kind of precepts.  One precept is—first one is indivisible three precepts.[2]   Even though we say “three,” but that three is one.  So it is not possible to—cannot be three.  It is actually to repeat one precepts three times from various angle.  That is the first one.


There’s—  In—  Where things exist, there is some rules.  And rules, we say, but it is nothing but way of—it is nothing but the function of great being which we cannot understand.  It is something which is beyond our reach.  But that something [is] always doing something, or has some function.  So there is some rule in the way of—the function of the great being.  But the function and the great being is one, not two, in Buddhism.  But in Christianity, God is here, and it gives some rules to everything.  That is more Christian understanding.  But in Buddhist—according to Buddhism, it is not two.  So this point is called “harmony.”  Harmony does not mean harmony between each being, but harmony between the function and the great being.  Those are one.