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March 13 1966 2nd Talk

Sunday, March 13th, 1966

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Sesshin Lecture:  SHUSHŌGI, Section 1

Sunday, March 13, 1966[1]

Lecture B

Soko-ji, San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 66-03-13 2nd talk

Suzuki-rōshi: We started to recite Lotus SūtraShushōgiShushōgi is the—consist of various teachings from Shōbōgenzō written by Dōgen-zenji.  From 95 fascicle of his work, we compiled various teaching in a handy way so that you can recite it.  This is Shushōgi.

I want to explain Shushōgi—the meaning of Shushōgi little by little.  Shushōgi.  This is translate—translation by Doctor [Reihō] Masunaga, Page 48.[2]

To arrive at thorough understanding of birth and death—this is a crucial problem for all Buddhists.  If the Buddha dwells in birth and death, birth and death disappear.  Understand only that birth-and-death is itself nirvāna; there is nothing to avoid as birth-death and nothing to seek as nirvāna.  You then slough off the chain that bind you to birth-death.  This—the supreme problem in Buddhism—must be thoroughly penetrated.