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July 19th, 1970

Sunday, July 19th, 1970
This may be lunch at Sokoji

This may be lunch at Sokoji

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi


Sunday, July 19, 1970

City Center, San Francisco

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 70-07-19


After—after forty days of my leaving from here I feel I am a stranger to the building, not to you but [laughs] to the building and my cups and [laughs, laughter].  I forgot where is my—where was my things.  Each time I need something, I have to try to think about “Where is it?  Oh!  There.”  [Laughs.]  Something like that.


I am thinking about now, at the same, time Dōgen-zenji’s teaching:   “There are people who is in enlightenment over enlightenment and delusion in delusion.”  You know, enlightenment over enlightenment [laughs].  It does not mean after attaining enlightenment he lost himself, and he—that he became a hermit or something.


“Enlightenment over en- [partial word]—over enlightenment” may be too much enlightenment [laughs, laughter] for you.  But “enlightenment over enlightenment”—maybe tr- [partial word]—my translation is wrong, but I don’t know how to translate it.


“Enlightenment over enlightenment” means to forget enlightenment after attaining enlightenment.  Such people, you know, because they have no idea of enlightenment anymore because they already have gone through enlightenment, so there is no trace of enlightenment in their mind.  So they have, you know, they do not stick to enlightenment anymore.  They do not stick to Buddhist way anymore.  So they are quite common.  And you—common enough—to be a ordinary person.