July 1962

Originally offered: July 1st, 1962 | Modified October 27th, 2009 by korin


(published July 1962, Wind Bell #8)

Originality and universality are the same thing for a sincere student.  Universal truth must have an original approach for everyone.  Mind and body are one; subjective and objective worlds are one in our single minded practice.  Observing that mind and body are one, and that subjective and objective worlds are one, many people fear death.  Reasoning will not solve this problem.  Hakuin Zenji said, “If you want to know about life after death, ask the man who wants to know.” Thus there is no other way than to ask yourself, for this problem does not belong to the category of knowledge.  You yourself must solve it by practice.  Buddha’s practice after his enlightenment is not different from each individual’s practice before enlightenment, if there is no idea of self.  When you are engaged in selfless practice, you are free from the idea of past, present and future; from the idea of this world or another; from the idea of coming or going.



Checked by Gordon Geist 1999


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  1. korin Says:

    Obon (or simply Bon) is an annual ritual of honoring the spirits of one’s deceased ancestors in Japanese Buddhism, held during the Summer months (July 15 in some parts of Japan). It is based in part on the account given in the Ullambana (J. Urabon’e) Sutra, a Mahayana Sutra in which the Buddha instructs Maudgalyayana (J. Mokuren) on how to help his mother, who had been reborn among the hungry ghosts, by making offerings to the Sangha. A translation of the Ullambana Sutra can be found HERE.

  2. Andrew Says:

    originality and universality…

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