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November 6th, 1967

Monday, November 6th, 1967

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi


Friday, February 18, 1966

Lecture B

KPFA/KPFB Studio, Pacifica Radio, Berkeley, CA

Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 67-11-06

Elsa Knight Thompson:[1] … by telling us something more about our guest, Suzuki-rōshi.

Richard Baker: Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi came to America about six years ago, and he was only going to stay for a year or two and [2 words].  Many Americans came to meditate with him.  He kept postponing leaving, and finally there was such a large group meditating with him in San Francisco we had no more room, and there wasn’t an opportunity to study with him as well as if we had a place in the mountains.  And we found Tassajara Hot Springs, which is a beautiful, old, historical hot springs and historical sight in the San Lucia Mountains.

Thompson: Now, we’re—we’re still talking about Suzuki-rōshi.  Didn’t he have a congregation in Japan prior to coming to this country?

Baker: Yes, he—as I understand, now I—

Thompson: We can ask him at what—prior to coming to the United States—

Suzuki-rōshi: Oh, I was appointed by our headquarters to Soko-ji Temple.  And when—while I was there, I sit every morning, and many Caucasians started to join my practice.  That is why I started sitting with them—with Caucasian.  Mostly—


November 2nd, 1967

Thursday, November 2nd, 1967

Rev. S. Suzuki

November 2, 1967

We say our practice without gaining idea, practice without expecting even enlightenment, but what we mean by those statements is…it does not mean just to sit without any purpose.  Of course this practice of…without gaining idea, based on the gaining idea we have in the Prajna Paramita Sutra:  “Form is emptiness and emptiness is form”.  But when we say ‘Form is emptiness” or “emptiness is form” this is still dualistic.  But when we say ‘form is form’ and ‘emptiness is emptiness’ here there is no dualism.  When you find it difficult to stop your mind in your sitting and are still trying to stop your mind, this is the stage of form is emptiness and emptiness is form.  But while you are practicing this way, more and more your practice will…in your practice you will have oneness of your goal and your practice without effort, you can stop your mind.  This is the stage of form is form and emptiness is emptiness.