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February 2, 1967

Thursday, February 2nd, 1967

Suzuki-roshi with Philip Wilson (I think) at Tassajara

Rev Suzuki lecture

February 2, 1967

Los Altos

As I cannot speak your language so well that I find some way to communicate with you.  And this effort I think results something very good.  Originally we say if we do not understand master’s word you cannot understand our way.  Communication is very important in our practice.  If you…we say if you do not understand master’s word, or master’s language…I do not know…not language, but word…anyway the way he speaks, or to understand your master in its true sense that is what we mean.  So this is not just word or language, but language in its wider sense.  So through his words you understand more than what he says.  Statements usually involved in or implied speaker’s subjective intention as well as listener’s situation, or listener’s objective situation, or matters about statement is told.  So no word is perfect; it is involved in something, some statement.  So there’s no perfect word.  It is always involved in something…some distortion is always follow in statement.  But through statement we have to understand the fact, or the event, or something which has happened to us.  You may say Being, or Ultimate Truth.  Ultimate Truth we do not mean something eternal, something constant, but we mean the things as it is, you may say Being or Reality.  If we understand things as it is that is Reality.  But it is difficulty to speak about the reality, because when I speak about it my subjective intention is involved in it and it implies some subjective opinion about it; so it is not possible to speak about Reality.  But through master’s word we have to understand the Reality directly.