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September 16 1965

Thursday, September 16th, 1965

Suzuki-roshi in the dokusan room at City Center

September 16, 1965

Rev. S. Suzuki

Thursday morning lectures


The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of transcendence or change.  Everything changes is the basic teaching.  And this truth is eternal truth for each existence.  And no one can deny this truth.  And all the teaching of Buddhism will be condensed in this teaching.  This is the teaching for all of us and wherever we go this teaching is true.  This teaching is also interpreted as the teaching of selflessness because our self nature of each existence is nothing but the self nature of all existence.  There is no special self nature for each existence.  And this teaching is also called teaching of nirvana.  When we realize this truth and when we resume, when we find our composure in the everlasting truth which is everything changes, we find ourselves in nirvana.  Or if we cannot accept this teaching, that everything changes, we cannot be in composure…perfect composure.


September 9 1965

Thursday, September 9th, 1965

September 9, 1965

Rev. S. Suzuki

Thursday morning lecture

The purpose of studying Buddhism is not to study Buddhism but to study ourselves.  It is impossible to study ourselves without some teaching.  If you want to know what is water, because it is impossible to know what is water, so you want science….scientist wants laboratory and in various ways they may study what is water.  So it is possible to know what kind of element water has, or when wind come what kind of form water takes, and what is the nature of water, always calm, comes down but we…it is impossible to know water itself.  It is same thing with ourselves.  It is impossible to know what is I.  That is why we have teaching.  By teaching we will understand what is ourselves.  But teaching is not ourselves.  It is some explanation of ourselves.  So if you attach to the teaching or to the teacher that is big mistake.  The purpose of…to study teaching is to know yourselves…through teaching you should know yourselves.  So that is why we do not attach to…even to teaching or to the teacher.  The moment you meet a teacher you should leave the teacher and you should be independent.  So that you can be independent you want teacher.  So you study yourselves.  You have teacher for yourselves not for the teacher.