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February 13, 1963

Wednesday, February 13th, 1963


From when the Wind Bell was still one page and came out once a month.  An edited summary of a lecture.


Commentary on Blue Cliff Records Case Number Eighteen by Suzuki-roshi, February 13, 1963


Nanyo Echu Kokushi was a famous disciple of the Sixth Patriarch, a very good Zen Master, and quite a scholar of Buddhism in general.  It is unfortunate for us that he did not have many good descendants, because as a result we do not know him so well.  But he himself was a great Zen Master.  After receiving transmission from the Sixth Patriarch, he practiced for forty years on Mount Hakugai without ever leaving the mountain.

Main Subject

Attention!  The Emperor Shukuso asked Nanyo Echu Kokushi, who was sick, “A hundred years from now what kind of memorial do you want?”  Nanyo replied,”For this old monk an untiered seamless mound will do.”  The Emperor asked, “Master, please tell me what design you would like?”  Nanyo was silent for a while, and then he said, “Do you understand?”  The Emperor replied, “No, I do not understand.”  Nanyo answered, “This poor monk has an attendant (jisha) who will be my publicly appointed successor, please ask him after I am gone.”