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July 9th, 1969

Wednesday, July 9th, 1969

Suzuki-roshi in a gathering including Katagiri-roshi, Maezumi-roshi & Kobun Chino-roshi.

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Wednesday, July 9, 1969



 Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 69-07-09

In our previous lectures we have studied the relationship between—relationship between real and seeming, or emptiness and forms.  [By] “real” we mean something beyond our thinking.  This is, you know,—there is no way to—whatever, you know, we say about it, it is the expre- [partial word]—just suggestion, you know, not real or emptiness itself.  It is something beyond our thinking mind, so we call it “emptiness.”


It is not actually something which we can understand in term of good or bad, real or not real.  And seeming and all—whatever it is—all what we say, you know, everything what we say or what we see is forms.  And we actually live in the world of forms and color, you know.  And we don’t know, actually, what is emptiness itself.  Even—we call it “emptiness,” you know, there is some rules, you know, how emptiness takes various form.  So according to some rules, emptiness take its form and color.  And we are explaining about the relationship between emptiness and form which we can see.


Right now we have been mostly discussing rather philosophical way, but tonight may be better to explain it more psychological way or physical way.  According to Buddhist psychology, you know, of course, we have five senses, and thinking mind, and to—some faculty to lead our thinking mind in false, you know—to make our thinking mind mistake, you know.  That kind of faculty we have.  And there is also some faculty to point out the mistake of the seventh mind, you know.  Five senses and thinking mind, that is six.  Seventh one is, you know, to make our mind made—make mistake.  That is the sixth one—the seventh [corrects self] one.  That is the mind which let our thinking mind stick to something, you know.  There is [laughs] no need to stick to something, you know, actually.  But seventh mind, you know, make sixth mind to stick to something.