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July 3rd, 1969

Thursday, July 3rd, 1969

Suzuki-roshi officiating at a priest oridnation ceremony at City Center

Shunryū Suzuki-rōshi

Thursday, July 3, 1969


 Listen to this talk: Suzuki-roshi 69-07-03


I have explained the poem about “Emptiness is form,” or shōchūhen.[1]   Shō is reality and hen is “form” or “seeming” [?].  Shōchūhen.  And the next one is henchūshō,[2]  the opposite.  And chū means, you know—chū or soku—means some activity in which—not activity—some—not relationship, but something in which everything appears—every event, you know, appears.  What will it be [laughs]?  Something in which, you know, appears.  Maybe say a little bit more [laughs]:  something in which everything appears—something in which always appears—that is the present moment, right now.  You know, right now, you know, things happen, not in past or present.  So practice should be the practice of “right now.”  That is chū or soku.


When we, you know, catch things, you know—how you catch it, you know?  You cannot—you cannot catch past or future, you know.  You can catch just present moment, right now.  If you want to catch someone, you know, you—you should catch him right now, not past or not in future.


So if you want to practice zazen, you know, you should practice it right now.  That is chū.  Shōchūhen or henchūshō.  Or Shiki soku ze ku,[3]  you know.  Ku soku ze shiki [4]  is, you know—is—means “right now

there is being,” you know.