Suzuki Roshi Transcripts

Sunday, January 03, 1971

Universal Self, Individual Experience

San Francisco

Last Sunday I remember I talked about our surrounding, which is civilized world and busy world, and world of science and world of technique. Although I couldn't talk about fully about those things, but I tried [laughs] anyway. And I talked about something about practice or why we practice zazen. But I did not talk about self-who practice zazen-who practice zazen.

What is self is a big problem, you know. Unless we don't understand what is self, unless we don't reflect on our self, whether our everyday life is self-centered or a life of MORE ...

Sunday, January 10, 1971

Right Concentration

San Francisco

... [1] were given about our practice referring to Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva? What is, you know, who is Avalokiteshvara? I don't mean a man or a woman [laughs]. He is, by the way- He's supposed to be a man who take sometime figure of a woman, you know. In disguise of a woman he help people. That is Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. Sometime, you know, he has one thousand hands-one thousand hands-to help others. But, you know, if he is concentrated on one hand only, you know [laughs], 999 hands will be no use [laughs].

Our concentration does not mean to be concentrated on one thing, MORE ...

Monday, January 11, 1971

Lay Ordination Ceremony

City Center, San Francisco

I wanted to talk about ordination ceremony, but I think it is pretty difficult to explain it, you know, because-even-because you have no idea of, you know, Buddhist priesthood. And what you have in your mind is priest in America, you know, so [laughs], I have no word to communicate.

[SR interrupted on tape. Narrator says here: "A good portion of the tape was inaudible on the original here." (This suggests that their tape was a copy.) SR then resumes, presumably after a gap.]

... inanimate and animate beings. So everything has its own MORE ...

Saturday, January 16, 1971

Gaining Idea

San Francisco

Something valuable [laughs]-not jewel or not candy, but something which is very valuable. You recite right now, you know, a verse on unsurpassable, you know, teaching. What is actually-how to, you know, receive this kind of treasure is, you know, to have well-oriented mind. I have been talking about self for maybe three lectures-what is self and what is your surrounding, what kind of thing you see, how you accept things, and purpose of zazen.

Purpose of zazen, why we practice zazen is to be a boss of everything. That is why you practice zazen. If you practice zazen, you will be a boss of your surrounding-wherever you are, you are boss [laughs]. But if I say so, it will create some MORE ...

Saturday, January 23, 1971

Meeting Yourself

San Francisco

Most of us, maybe, want to know what is self. This is a big problem. Why you have this problem, you know, and is- I want to understand [laughs] why you have this problem. I'm trying to understand. And even though, it seems to me, even though you try to understand who are you, it is, you know, it is endless trip, you know, and you will never see your self.

You say to sit without thinking too much is difficult. Just to sit is difficult. But more difficult thing will be to try to think about your self [laughs]. This is much more difficult. To do is MORE ...


Verbatim transcripts of lectures by Shogaku Shunryu Suzuki, Roshi, 1962-1971

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