Suzuki Roshi Transcripts

Saturday, August 01, 1970

Sesshin Lecture #1

San Francisco[1]

In this sesshin, I have been explaining the context of our practice and, at the same time, the meaning of rules and precepts. But for us, precepts-observation of precepts and practice of zazen is same thing, you know, not different [just] as our everyday life and practice, zazen practice, is one.

After sesshin, we will have ordination ceremony for Paul [Discoe] and Reb [Anderson]. And-and then we will have lay ordination ceremony for the students-all the students who has been practicing zazen who-who has practiced zazen for three years before MORE ...

Sunday, August 02, 1970

Sesshin Lecture #2

True Practice As Expression Of Buddha-Nature

San Francisco

In Japan, a terrible fire broke out, and some hotel was burned down, and many sightseeing people killed in the fire. And recently in Japan, they had many sightseeing people even to Eihei-ji, where monk-only monks practice our way. Uchiyama-roshi[1]-Uchiyama-roshi said in his book[2]-if you open the book, he says recently, "Everything is going like that" [laughs]. Because we have so many sightseeing people, [laughs], so many years of hotels is built as one building after another. So the MORE ...

Monday, August 03, 1970

Right Teaching and Right Practice

In our practice two important practice is zazen practice and to listen to pure teacher, or right teacher. This is just like two fields of _________. Without practice, you cannot understand teaching. You cannot listen to your teacher and without practice, without listening to your teacher, your practice will be, cannot be right practice. Right practice, by right practice we mean practice, fundamental practice from which you can start ... from which various teaching will come out. So from right practice, if you have right practice you have already right teaching there. So right practice is the foundation of all Buddhist activity. Right practice. It is--it cannot be compared to various practice or MORE ...

Tuesday, August 04, 1970

Sesshin Lecture #4

San Francisco

In-in everyday life, to observe precepts and, in our practice, to continue our zazen looks like different, but actually it is same. In actual zazen, whether-even though your practice is not perfect, if you practice our way, there there is enlightenment because originally, you know, our practice is expression of our true buddha-mind.

Because you-your-because of your discrimination, you say your practice is not good. But if we do not, you know-if we do not MORE ...

Sunday, August 09, 1970

Priest Ordination Ceremony: Paul Discoe And Reb Anderson

San Francisco

Suzuki-roshi (speaking formally):[1] ... Paul Discoe and [1 word unclear] Reb Anderson, who have come here to be ordained as a disciple of the Buddha. Listen to-listen calmly and attentively.

Due to surpassing affinities, this ordination ceremony become possible. As Buddha's disciple, you have acquired the opportunity to receive the teaching transmitted from Shakyamuni Buddha through the patriarchs to me and to manifest the Buddha's way forever.

Even the buddhas and patriarchs cannot help but admire you who MORE ...

Sunday, August 16, 1970

Open Mind

San Francisco

[The first part of the lecture was not recorded.]

... restore the Buddhist teaching in its original way.

So that you don't know anything about Buddhism is very good [laughs]. We have no trouble to-to make you piece by piece [laughs].

So here, you know, and-American people has very open-minded-is very open-minded. So for you, it is accept the teaching, you know, without trouble. That is my feeling.

And one more point is because your mind is open, and we have not much prejudice, you know, you know-you see things clearly. And if MORE ...

To Be Honest And Sincere In Its True Sense It Is Necessary To Push Yourself Into Some Very Strong Hard Rule

San Francisco

[This is the second of two lectures with this date. This lecture began mid-way on Side A of the original tape after a prior lecture ended. It appears to be complete.]

The meaning of our practice [is compassion?] way of life-way of life, or your life ... [inaudible] ... because you like to sit on the floor more ... [next few paragraphs inaudible]. Instead of sitting on chair, Buddha said please sit down here and relax and MORE ...

Sunday, August 23, 1970

Lay Ordination Ceremony

Sunday, August 23, 1970

San Francisco[1]

[Sound Problem]

Tape operator (possibly Yvonne Rand): First part of Roshi's address here is inaudible on the original tape.


... and obtain similar to result according to [1 word unclear] MORE ...

Tuesday, August 25, 1970

Leaving for Japan

[One of two lectures for this date.]

San Francisco

As some of-some of you may know, tomorrow I am leaving San Francisco for-for a while and coming back December first or second. I'm not so clear yet, but for three months I shall be in Japan.[1]

I feel very sorry for-for you-not to be with you, but there there is something I must do for Zen Center. First of all, Dick Baker will receive transmission.[2] And I am hoping that we can-Dick and me-can do something, you know, for-even a little bit of important-important teaching. If we can translate it into English, it may be one step MORE ...

Lay Ordination: White Bird In The Snow

[No tape.]

I am so grateful to have this ordination ceremony for you, our old students. This is actually the second time ... the second ordination ceremony for Zen Center. Because why we didn't have lay ordination ceremony more often was because I didn't want to give you some special idea of lay Buddhists. Bodhisattva way, according to Bodhisattva teaching, every ... actually every sentient beings are Bodhisattva, whether or not they are aware of it they are actually disciples of the Buddha. As this is our conviction, we didn't I didn't want to give you some special idea of lay MORE ...


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