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Saturday, December 21, 1968

True Happiness and Renewal of Practice at Year's End

San Francisco

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Everyone seeks for true happiness, but happiness cannot be true happiness if the happiness is not followed by perfect composure. The-usually happiness does not stay long. Happiness is mostly just very short time and it will be lost in next moment when you have it. So, sometimes we will think rather not to have it because after happiness usually followed by sorrow and this is, I think, everyone experiences it in our everyday life.

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Sunday, December 29, 1968

The End of the Year


Next Tuesday we will have no lecture, so this may be-will be the last one for this-at the end of the year we clean up our house and we throw [out] old things which we do not use anymore. And we renew our equipment, even things in the-furniture we renew it. And after cleaning our room we-we put new, new ______ ___ ____ and which is distributed from temple like this. We take off old mats and put new ones, like this. This is-when in temple we have prayer for the-to control fire, this is what you call it ___ ______ ____ __ "taking care of fire," it says in Japanese.

And this is-in temple at end of the year we have ceremony to read Prajñaparamita Sutra-600 volumes of MORE ...


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