Suzuki Roshi Transcripts

Sunday, March 13, 1966

Sesshin Lecture: Genjo Koan, Paragraphs 1-3

Soko-ji Temple, San Francisco

Good morning. This lecture is for advanced student in his practice, but I think this lecture will help you even though you haven't advanced practice. And at least some day you will understand this lecture. This is the gist of Dogen's teaching, and various offshoot are the 95 fascicle of-fascicles of his work. This is basic teaching-basic teaching of Dogen.

And we have finished the first paragraph, anyway:[1]

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Sesshin Lecture: Shusogi, Section 1

Lecture B[1]

Soko-ji, San Francisco

Tape operator: Recorded March-March 13, 1966, Soko-ji Zen Temple, a lecture by Reverend Suzuki on the Shoshoji [sic]. Huh?

Second voice: Shushogi.

Tape operator: Is it? A lecture on the Shushogi. [Laughter.]

Suzuki-roshi: We started to recite MORE ...

Saturday, March 26, 1966

The Way-Seeking Mind

When we feel the evanescence of life, or when we have problems for ourselves, and direct feeling of the problems-of the fact you have to face-is how you arise the way-seeking mind.

Usually when we set ourselves to studying something, we put our everyday problems aside, concentrating our attention for a time on something of particular interest. That is how we study generally. On Sunday you may go to church, but to you going to church and your everyday life are two completely different activities. Eventually, however, you will feel some contradiction in your everyday life, and some uneasiness, feeling you have nothing to rely on. It is this feeling which gives rise to the way-seeking mind.

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Verbatim transcripts of lectures by Shogaku Shunryu Suzuki, Roshi, 1962-1971

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