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Thursday, July 01, 1965

Blue Cliff Record #86

Unmon Bunen (?-949) was a disciple of Seppo and founder of the Unmon School, one of five schools of Chinese Zen Buddhism (Rinzai, Igyo, Unmon, Hogen, and Soto).

During the political confusion at the end of the Tang Dynasty all the major schools of Chinese Buddhism (Tendai, Hosso, Ritsu, and Shingon) were in decline, except Zen, which was strengthened by the persecutions and the difficulty in traveling to escape persecution and to visit and to visit various Zen Masters. The hard practice of Sep-po and Un-mon during that time has been and still MORE ...

Monday, July 26, 1965

Sesshin Lecture

San Francisco

My talk is always-at the conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice zazen. Now this is not-my talk is not just cordial talk and, basically, my talk is based on Shobogenzo. Fortunately we have a system of-we have complete system-how to understand true religion. The true religion cannot be understood by philosophical way or scientific way. The only way to understand or to realize our true nature is just true practice. Without true practice it is impossible to realize our true nature. Of course, what we do, whether we are aware of it or not, what we do in our everyday life is based on true-our true nature. True nature drive MORE ...

Tuesday, July 27, 1965

Sesshin Lecture

For a long time after Renaissance, you have forgotten the value of religion. You try to exchange religion for, you know, science and philosophy. You-you are Christian [laughs], but actually what you have been doing is to replace [laughs] science to religion-to exchange science. And you wanted to establish, you know, human culture, which is quite free from [laughs] authority of religion. You have quite good reason [laughs] in your effort to try to exchange or try to reform your culture before it is too dark MORE ...

Friday, July 30, 1965

Sesshin Lecture

San Francisco

Tape Operator: This is the beginning of the 1 pm lecture, Friday.

Suzuki-roshi: If you have a question, please give me. I want to answer about what I told you during sesshin.

Student A: Sensei? I'd like to refer to a question someone else asked a couple of mornings ago, about helping other people. At that time you said that unless a person were enlightened, it wouldn't do much good to help other people. It seems to me that that would mean that probably most people in this room should not do anything for anyone else. I doubt we're all MORE ...


Verbatim transcripts of lectures by Shogaku Shunryu Suzuki, Roshi, 1962-1971

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