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Sunday, December 01, 1963

Rikko's "Heaven and Earth are the Same Essence" (Blue Cliff Record #40)

Rikko is said to have lived from 764-834. He was a high official of the tang government in china. He was a disciple of Nansen Fugan. His writings and biography are in Koji-buntoruko. There were many famous lay Zen Buddhists during the tang Dynasty. The most famous of these lay Buddhists are:

Ho-Koji (Ho-un)--see Model Subject No. 42

Kak Rakten (Hak-Kyoi)--the most famous writer and poet of the Tang Dynasty.

Haikyu--Highest public official of the time. His teacher was Obaku (Huang Po).

Haykyu--Compiler of Obaku's Denshin Hoyo (a collection of MORE ...


Verbatim transcripts of lectures by Shogaku Shunryu Suzuki, Roshi, 1962-1971

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